Promax Protein Bars

By Compare Proteins | 4th February 2016, 04:36 pm
Promax Protein Bars

Probably MaxiNutrition’s most popular protein bar, formerly Maximuscle Promax, this is their high quality protein bar that’s designed to help maintain and rebuild muscle.


MaxiNutrition Promax bars come in 5 different flavours; Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Blueberry Smoothie and Cookie Dough. Of the five protein bar flavours, there were two standouts that came out of the Compare Proteins testing, and they were Dark Cherry Chocolate and Cookie Dough. Not too sweet, both varieties still delivered on flavour, making for an ideal high protein bar snack.


Each 60g Promax protein bar delivers over 21g of protein, which will go a fair way to contributing to your daily protein intake target (usually around 1.8-2.2 grams per kilogram bodyweight), and they’re also high in fibre with 6.2g. A single protein bar also provides 16.4g of carbohydrate (8.6g of which sugars), 6.1g of fat (3.4g of which saturates) and a total 209kcal of energy.

The key protein sources are Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolate. This will ensure a steady supply of amino acids, promoting protein synthesis over a prolonged period. Promax bars also contain collagen hydrolysate so they’re not suitable for vegetarians.

Promax bars are sweetened with maltitol and sugar, and also contain palm oil amongst a number of artificial colours. This is the downside to the MaxiNutrition Promax bars, as well as their other protein bars, such as the Promax Lean bars, as savvy or more nutrition conscious consumers will now seek for 100% natural products, that are suitable for vegetarians and even gluten free.


Protein bars are a convenient a high protein snack for consumption during the day. Top up your protein intake with a Promax bar in-between meals, or at any time when you’re hungry outside of main meal times. The blend of whey protein and milk protein will ensure a steady release of amino acids over a number of hours, making a Promax bar fit the bill.

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